Fucoxanthin source: Fucoxanthin is extracted from natural wild algae originated from unpolluted ocean to ensure product safety.

Fucoxanthin introduction: Fucoxanthin is a natural unique carotenoid specific to several different types of brown seaweed, and is also the first marine algae-derived ingredient with a clinically proven thermogenic effect carotenoid. Metabolic and nutritional studies demonstrated that fucoxanthin promotes fat burning within fat cells and has potent weight loss effect.

Appearance:  White to light yellow green powder

Active ingredient:     Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin

Fucoxanthin specifications:Fucoxanthin 1%-30%(UV & HPLC)

Test By:             UV     

Molecular formula:   C42H58O6

Molecular weight:    658.91

Fucoxanthin Main benfits:

1. Anti-clotting, anti-tumor and anti-HIV.

2.Treat nephrotic syndrome and early- medium of chronic renal failure without toxic side effects.

3. Improve renal function and lower serum creatinine.

4. Anti-cancer and antioxidan.

5. Loss weight if the weight gain is directly related to thyroid disorders.