Alfalfa Extract source: Alfalfa extract, is a leguminous plant alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is a perennial herb, also known as alfalfa, animal husbandry, alfalfa, alfalfa, road steam. Leguminous plants. Widely distributed in the northwest, north, northeast and other regions, Huaihe River Valley has grown, is the largest of China's cultivated pasture.

Alfalfa Extract introduction:Alfalfa is a good laxative and natural diuretic that promotes urine flow and is often used to treat urinary tract infections and eliminate excess retained water. Alfalfa is especially useful for replacing vitamin K that is depleted during treatment with a wide variety of drugs, including antibiotics.

Alfalfa Extract specification:Saponin 5%, 20%,40% HPLC, Flavones 5%

Appearance:  green powder

Active ingredient:Saponin, Flavones

Test By: HPLC/UV

Alfalfa Extract Main benefits: 

1.To promote digestion and assimilation of vitamins, minerals.
2.To lower cholesterol and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque.
3.To decrease blood fat.
4.To keep acid-base balance.