Gymnema Extract  source:Gymnema extract is mainly composed of triterpenoid saponins,glycosides,flower pigments,polysaccharides and other constituents.The extract has hypoglycemic,lipid-lowering and anti-platelet aggregation activation.Its leaves are used to regulate traditional Chinese medicine,on its leaves chewed up,would interfere with sweet taste,its Hindi as Gurmar,interpreted as "sugar killer." In the past,the root of vine Gymnema is also often used to treat snake venom,constipation,Yang Wei,maintain moisture and liver disease.

Gymnema Extract introduction:Gymnema is a climbing plant that grows in the tropical forests of central and southern India. The woody Gymnema plant also grows in parts of Africa. In the past, powdered Gymnema root was used to treat snake bites, constipation, stomach complaints, water retention, and liver disease. The molecules of gymnemic acid fill the receptor sites for one to two hours, thus preventing the taste buds from being activated by the sugar molecules in food.

Appearance: Light to dark green powder

Gymnema Extract specifications: 25%-75% gymnemic acid

Gymnema Extract Main benefits:

1. Have a regenerative effect on pancreatic beta cells and is insulinotropic;

2. May reduce cravings for sugar by blocking sugar receptors in the tongue;

3. Help controlling absorption of sugar in the body, depress appetite and cause weight reduction..