Yucca extract source:Yucca Extract is  mentioned that the constant use of the Yucca schidigera extract as a nutritional complement is a valuable aid in the treatement of diabetes, high cholesterol, bursitis and high blood pressure, and its use is invaluable as an aid to improve and maintain good health.

Yucca extract introduction: The Yucca is an endemic plant and its natural habitat ranges from the southwestern part of Nevada and Arizona, central and southern California in the U.S. to the desert of Baja California, Mexico.Yucca can be arborescent or shrublike, with single or clumped erect stem.

Appearance:  light brown fine powder

Active ingredient: Sarsaponin

Yucca extract specifications:Yucca schidigera extract  30%, 60% Sarsaponin

Test By: UV

Yucca extract Main benefits:

1. To remove odor.

2. To suppress the breeding of protozoa and other noxious bacteria.

3. To increase the amount of beneficial bacteria, and maintain good intestinal tract circumstances.

4. To improve the absorption & utilization rate of nutrients facts.

5.To improve immune power of farm lives, and decrease incidence of a disease.

6.To improve the reproduction of breeding saw and lower stillbirth rate.

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What is Yucca extract?