Punicalagin  source: Pomegranate is an important source of bioactive compounds and has been used for folk medicine for many centuries. Pomegranate juice has been demonstrated to be high in antioxidant activityand is effective in the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Punicalagin  introduction:Pomegranate is a very popular fruit. The fruit of the "Tree of Knowledge" mentioned in the biblical history of creation most probably was meant to be a pomegranate. With a growing history of 2000 years, Megranate is rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, its husks and seeds are wildly used in Chinese Traditional Medicine. The interior of the pomegranate fruit is composed of many pink-red sections of pulp-like tissue, each of which contains a small seed grain. Pomegranate seeds are collected, dried and processed for medicinal uses.

Appearance: Yellow brown to brown powder

Active ingredient:     Punicalagin

Punicalagin  specifications: Punicalagin 20%-40%

Molecular weight:    1084.71

Punicalagin Main benefits:

1. Strong antioxidative action
2. Anticancer effect
3. Inhibition of bacteria and virus
4. To help improve brain function
5. To improve smooth and elastic of the skin.