Cnidium is the dried mature fruit of cnidium monnieri, mainly containing pinene, isovaleric acid borneol ester, phenol ether, Osthole and Lactone of bergamot,etc.

Main Benefits:

1. The anti-Trichomonas effect:

Cnidium monnieri is used to treat trichomonal vaginitis by external usage of traditional Chinese medicine, but the single Osthole doesn’t work well or the effect is very weak, its effective composition has not been reported. But the effect of compound prescription of cnidium suppositories or lotion is very good.

2. The sex hormone-like effect:

Cnidium monnieri extract is subcutaneously injected to mice per day then last for 32 days and can extend the emotional period and shorten the estrus, and make the estrus of castrated rats appear, increasing the weight of ovarian and uterine and having a similar sex hormone-like effects. Proved by the method of increasing the weight of prostate,seminal vesicles and levator ani muscle, cnidium extract has the sex hormone-like effect and There is no corrosion effect  on the Vaginal mucosa of rabbits.

3. The antiasthmatic effect:
3.1 The total coumarins of Cnidium monnieri has an effect of antiasthmatic,can make the lungs wheezing of asthmatic patients significantly diminish or disappear, and significantly increase the flow rate value of expiratory peak, improving the function of lung ventilation. Its role is to dilate bronchial smooth muscles and improve lung function.
3.2 The total coumarin of Cnidium monnieri extract also has some expectorant functions.
3.3 The total coumarins of cnidium monnieri extract have the function of obviously protecting those guinea pigs which have experimental asthma induced due to inhalation. In vitro,it can relax the airway smooth muscle induced by histamine spasm and enhance pulmonary perfusion of guinea pigs, then we can come to an conclusion that the drug has strong bronchial dilation effect.
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