Quercetin is mostly derived from Acerola Cherry, tea, plants such as red onion, raspberry, cranberry and quercetin content in some Other fruits and vegetables is also very high.
Quercetin, as one of the most common flavonoids, has a variety of biological activity, antioxidant, play an important role in the clinical treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease.

Antioxidant function

Quercetin can not only inhibit oxidative DNA damage and participate in vitro antioxidant and, but also protect tissues against oxidative damage by lowering the concentration of organization peroxide in the body.
The anti-cancer effects

On one hand, quercetin can inhibit the production of free radicals, it has the quercetin and Other flavonoids which can significantly reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, directly inhibit the growth of cancer cells or play a role in cell transduction pathway of cell proliferation. On the Other hand, it can enhance the anti-cancer drug effect, significantly improve their efficacy.

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