Researches showed that, the Green coffee bean extract can effectively prevent weight gainand fat accumulation by inhibiting liver fat absorption and fat metabolic activity. Caffeine works as fat absorption inhibitor and chlorogenic acid hascertain inhibition effect on the levels of liver triglyceride.

According to a study published in 2012 in the biological sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry, green coffee beans can inhibit the activity of pancreatic lipase,which means that the green coffee bean dietary supplement can effectively prevent the absorption and utilization of fat, which further lead to weight loss or prevention of obesity. The green Coffee bean is rich in chlorogenic acid and chlorogenic acid is a kind of natural antioxidant, can provide numerous biological functions.

Asthe media known, Japan had set foot in this field and carried out extensive research. The scientists from Japan did some research about the Green coffee bean extract inhibitory activity against pancreatic lipase and found that 6kinds of chlorogenic acid contained in Green coffee bean extract can reach more than 90% inhibitory activity.

It is understood, one necessary substance in the body's absorption process of fat isthe lipase which can be hydrogenated in the process and after being metabolized into free fatty acids then can be used by the body. The inhibitory effect on pancreatic lipase of chlorogenic acid showed that Green coffee bean extract can be usedfor the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Some studies also showed that animals fed with high fat diet can lead to its weight loss after Green coffee bean extract supplements.

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