Cnidium monnieri reviews

Cnidium is the dried mature fruit of cnidium monnieri, mainly containing pinene, isovaleric acid borneol ester, phenol ether, Osthole and Lactone of bergamot,etc. Main Benefits: 1. The anti-Trichomonas ... [View More]
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Yeast glucan reviews

Yeast extract (also known as yeast) is a light yellow powder rich in small molecules such as amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, vitamins and Other natural active ingredients by enzymatic hydrolysis which extracted from the yeast prot... [View More]
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What is quercetin?

Quercetin is mostly derived from Acerola Cherry, tea, plants such as red onion, raspberry, cranberry and quercetin content in some Other fruits and vegetables is also very high. Quercetin, as one of the most common flavonoids, has a ... [View More]
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Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant, can effectively prevent a variety of diseases such as cancers and inflammation. Studies have shown that Curcumin is helpful to the cancer patient at all stages. When cells first distorted, the... [View More]
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Why Green coffee beans extract can help you to lose weight?

Researches showed that, the Green coffee bean extract can effectively prevent weight gainand fat accumulation by inhibiting liver fat absorption and fat metabolic activity. Caffeine works as fat absorption ... [View More]
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